Welcome to Omaha's Top Outdoor Soccer League

We are the oldest and most popular outdoor soccer league in Omaha, providing an excellent and cost efficient environment for soccer enthusiasts interested in playing competitive soccer.  We conduct two outdoor soccer sessions per year, one in spring starting in March and the second session in fall starting in August. Games are played on well maintained full size soccer grass fields applying standard FIFA rules for the 11v11 format. Teams can register in one of the two age depending divisions:
  • Men Open Division (age bracket +18)
  • Men Senior Division (age bracket +30)

Fall 2017 Season

Due to the sunset coming earlier as we get further into the Fall Season, light is at a premium for our games. We will start our games PROMPTLY at 5:45 PM. This has already been forwarded to the referees to do so and has been updated in the schedule. Please forward the information on to your players. Here are the exceptions/rules:
  • If a team has less than 7 players, the game will wait to start until 5:55 PM. If the team can not field at least 7 players at 5:55 PM the game will result in a 0-3 forfeit for that team.
  • If a team has 7 players, the game will start at 5:45 PM

Here is some Generic info for the season:
- Fields at NP Dodge Park (11001 John J Pershing Dr, - Omaha, NE 68112)

- Games start at 6:00PM

- Two Straight Red Card accumulation through the session will result in a player ban for the remainder of the current session. This does not include getting two yellow cards resulting in a red card.
  • Fields:

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                           Men Open  /   Men Senior
Season Start:    August 3rd
Season End:     
Game Day:        Thursday
Game Time:      All games start at 6 PM
Location:           All games at NP Dodge Park Soccer Fields
Divisions:          Men Open   - 18 years and up
                         Men Senior -  +30 years and 3 players younger than 30 allowed per                          team*
* age restriction policy applied: 3 players per senior team allowed at age 25-30 years.

NP Dodge Park Soccer Fields